Replacement Dentures


Replacement dentures are typically made to replace dentures that are either ill-fitting, have worn tooth surfaces, are broken, or if an individual is unhappy with the appearance. By having our own dental lab within our office we are able to offer high-quality dentures at an affordable price. We stand behind the dentures we make and offer dentures with either 3, 5, or 7-year tooth warranties. If you are needing new dentures or have questions or concerns with your current denture we are happy to help.


  • 3 tooth shades available
  • Economy denture teeth
  • Heat cured denture base
  • No customization of denture base


  • 3 tooth shades available
  • Premium denture teeth
  • Heat cured denture base
  • Moderate customization of denture base


  • 16 tooth shades available
  • 3 layer denture tooth used offering outstanding aesthetics, wear resistance and vitality.
  • An industry leading enture acrylic offering superior high-impact resistance and flexural strength. Compression packed and heat cured.
  • Detailed customization of denture base

Tooth warranty covers the tooth if it fractures or comes loose from the denture acrylic base. Denture base acrylic is covered for accidental breakage or fractures on all dentures for a period of 1 year. Loss of denture does not apply. Then a nominal fee applies after 1 year for repair due to accidental breakage or fractures.