I see you offer 3 different denture types. What is main difference among them?

To begin, we want to offer you a choice so we can provide a service to meet your budget. If you are like me, many of the items I buy whether it is gasoline or a cheeseburger, I am typically provided with a choice. Why not with denture care?In regards to the dentures, the primary difference is the time it takes us to fabricate them and the quality of materials being used. We expect them all to fit, function properly and look natural. Having our denture labs on-site allows us to reduce our operating expenses and provide quality, affordable dentures at a fair price.

If I am having extractions will I get my denture the same day?

You will, but first you will be seen for a consultation to determine your exact needs and review your medical history. During our discussion if it’s determined that extractions and dentures is the treatment needed then we take the necessary impressions of your mouth to make your temporary dentures first. Your surgery will then be appointed for another time.

What exactly is the denture package when I need extractions?

In simple terms, we make you 2 dentures packaged into a single fee. We will make a temporary denture prior to any extractions and this temporary denture will be worn for approximately 6 months to allow for the gums to heal and shrink. After 6 months, we will make a new denture to fit you after these changes have occurred to your mouth.

I like to use the analogy of your foot shrinking a couple shoe sizes over 6 months. It would be rather difficult to wear your original shoe size if your foot has shrunk. There is a procedure that allows us to remake the inside of the denture to fit your mouth again, but we prefer to start brand new. This also allows us to reposition the teeth with your new denture to better customize the appearance of your smile and reduce the fullness you may have experienced with the temporary denture.

Will you guarantee that I will like my new dentures?

Nope! But I PROMISE that we will work as hard as we can to make you happy with your smile and the fit of your denture. If we don’t get it right the first time we will gladly remake your denture a second time. If after a second time you are still not happy we will refund your money and amicably part ways. It’s rare that we can’t make a denture where a patient is not satisfied. We jokingly say our motto is “We don’t give up very easily!”