Dentures With Extraction

Dentures With Extraction

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are for those needing new dentures following tooth extractions. With immediate dentures, we make a “denture package” which consists of a temporary denture(s) that is made prior to any teeth being removed. The temporary denture is placed the day of extractions. Patients will wear the temporary denture for approximately 6 months to allow for healing and shrinking of the gums. During the 6 month healing period, we will place 3 soft liners in the temporary denture to cushion the denture to increase the comfort and to also tighten the fit of the denture.

Final Dentures

At 6 months, a new final denture of the patient’s choice is made that the patient will wear going forward. The denture package is ALL INCLUDED in a single fee.


The number of extractions will be determined during your consultation.

Tooth warranty covers the tooth if it fractures or comes loose from the denture acrylic base. Denture base acrylic is covered for accidental breakage or fractures on all dentures for a period of 1 year. Loss of denture does not apply. Then a nominal fee applies after 1 year for repair due to accidental breakage or fractures.